TrailBuddy Trekking Poles Review

If you like to go hiking or walking outdoors quite often, the use of trekking poles is of prime importance. Nowadays, hikers can’t think of going out hiking without their trekking poles. They improve stability and reduce stress on your joints, especially safeguarding your knees against pains. A brisk walk, one of the best exercises when done with the use of poles make it even more useful for your health. Hiking is one of the best adventure activities that improve one’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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About TrailBuddy Gear

TrailBuddy Gear is a new entrant in manufacturing quality trekking poles, and as a small family-owned business, they thrive to deliver the best at very affordable prices to compete with the industry giants. They often go for hiking on their weekends with their golden retriever and poodle. Being experienced hikers themselves, they know what hikers need and design accordingly.

Their mission is to develop high-quality products to help people to connect with nature. They have manufactured different designs to serve any hiker, experienced or beginner. They offer the best combination of lightweight, portability, and durable strength in a wide range of various designs to make a trekker’s journey comfortable and easy.


  1. These TrailBuddy trekking poles are light and sturdily made from aircraft grade aluminum 7075 which is lighter than 6061 aluminum weighing 9.7 ounces each and 10.2 ounces with basket or tip. Aluminum shafts from other brands are usually sturdy but heavy while the carbon fiber shafts are light but fragile. Also, the carbon fiber poles might snap with heavy weight and pressure.
  2. These trekking poles feature Fliplock mechanism with which you can easily adjust the length of the poles to lengthen or shorten within seconds. This locking mechanism not only is easy for the user but also protects the poles from collapsing suddenly. Also, this locking mechanism is better than the twist locks because it requires both your hands to open like a tight jar.
  3. You can adjust the length of the poles from 24.5 inches to 54 inches making it perfect for people of heights. When you disassemble them entirely, the length is only 21 inches. With 24.5 inches in length when collapsed and 21 inches disassembled height, they are great for easy packing in a backpack.
  4. The cork handles of the trekking poles are designed to be moisture-wicking keeping your hands dry in wet or hot and humid weather conditions. Making the grips non-slip and ergonomic in design, they are extremely wonderful to fit your palms uniquely making the hiking experience comfortable.
  5. The padded straps provide additional support and avoid chafing your skin.
  6. These TrailBuddy trekking poles come with one pair of snow baskets similar to the Montem trekking poles, one pair of mud baskets, one pair connectors, and two pairs of rubber tips. Unlike other brands, this brand provides an additional pair of rubber tips because they wear out quickly so that you don’t have to buy a replacement pair quickly.
  7. These trekking poles are very stylish in looks, and you can choose your favorite color from the different colors available including red, black, blue, green, and yellow. Also, you will get a carrying bag for these poles.


Strong and Lightweight – You might be double-minded whether to choose a carbon fiber trekking pole that will be ultralight but not strong enough or an aluminum trekking pole that will be sturdy but heavy. Don’t worry! These trekking poles from TrailBuddy Gear are the perfect choices that are both strong and lightweight as they are made from a unique blend of aluminum. They are a must to carry on all your hiking expeditions as they are likely to give you less fatigue.

Excellent Performance – These trekking poles provide excellent balance, and you can secure your footing on loose soil, wobbly ground, and creek crossing. They put less stress on your knees. They also support the extra weight you carry on your backpack especially while walking down or up a steep hill.

Versatility – They feature all the tips required for use on all terrains. The bare tip can be used on gravel, ice, or dirt, mud basket for sand or mud, snow basket for snow (can be used for light snowshoeing and not for skiing), and rubber tips for rocky surfaces or paved streets.

Packability and Adjustability – They can be adjusted for people of all heights and also can be stored easily in a backpack.

Trendy Design and Colors – These trekking poles are the coolest regarding design, and you get that luxury to pick your favorite color. Other brands do not offer various shades of the same model.

Warranty – After you have invested, you can stay rest assured of their quality because a 90-day no-questions-asked guarantee backs each product from TrailBuddy Gear and also a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. You simply need to register the product on their website after purchase.

Customer Reviews

Though TrailBuddy Gear is a new entrant, these trekking poles have already received an average rating of over 4.5 ratings out of 5 stars. This goes to show their increasing popularity due to their high-end quality.

One customer exclaimed this trekking product to be a great product who purchased three sets and used them for hiking in very rough terrains. He used them on all surfaces like mud, sand, rocks, and also used for steep inclines and declines. He also praised the grips and the adjustable straps which were extremely comfortable. He said that he was 6 feet 6 inches tall and these trekking poles served him well at maximum extension.

Another customer claimed these trekking poles to be very sturdy and reasonably priced who purchased them for hiking in Torres Del Paine National Park, a famous place for its blue icebergs, magnificent mountains, and golden pampas (grasslands) in Chile’s Patagonia region. They served excellently well not hurting his knees and were perfect for his 89-year-old mother to let her walk.


These TrailBuddy trekking poles are definite to make your hiking experience beautiful. Your investment on these poles is really worth as they provide immense benefits and serve you for several years on all terrains. If you are looking to purchase trekking poles, these are highly recommended.

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