Sportsun Trekking Poles Review

Are you fond of hiking as I am? Are you always ready to pack and head off to the wilderness? If the answer to these questions is YES, then you definitely need to have the mountaineering sticks in your backpack to make your trekking experience more comfortable without compromising on the excitement. There are various benefits of carrying these sticks as they will help you to keep a steady speed while climbing up and down through the unstable terrain. They also reduce the direct pressure on your knees.

It even improves heart and lung respiratory effect by minimizing the physical exertion for the trekkers. They are convenient in nature and strengthen the movements by relieving the joints. During crossing the hilly region or sloppy terrain, you will need trekking poles or sticks to improve the stability in the movement.

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About Sportsun

This set of trekking poles are a convenient set of poles that are highly portable in nature. They can be used anywhere and anytime by people of all age groups. It will serve to lower the pressure on the limbs and is ideal for trekking and mountaineering. The entire package will include a pair of Sportsun Trekking Poles, a pair of mud baskets, and a pair of rubber tip protectors. The kit in itself is complete and as soon as it will be delivered at your place you will be ready to have another trekking experience which will be more comfortable than the earlier ones that you have had.


  • The pair of trekking poles come with adjustable wrist straps.
  • These are made up of high quality aluminum alloy material making it more strong and durable.
  • The trekking sticks can be expanded from 64 cm to 135 cm and can be used by people of different heights.
  • Near the tip, there is a snow and mud basket which can be easily removed.
  • The trekking stick come with a pair of rubber protectors which can be removed easily whenever the trekker wants to.


Adjustable Wrist Straps: Most trekking poles are adjustable these days since they improve the stability on variety of terrain. Sportsun trekking poles also come with adjustable wrist straps. They are durable and adjustable thus providing a safer and more secure grip. The tip of the hiking poles or sticks is made up of TPR and rubber ferrule, which protects the tip of the hiking sticks thus aiding in less damage over time.

Material: If you want to go with more economical and durable choice in terms of material, then aluminum poles are the best. They generally weigh between 18 and 22 ounces. Actual weight and the price varies slightly due to gauge of the pole, which generally ranges between 12 and 16 mm. During high stress, the aluminum poles can certainly bent but it is very unlikely for them to break.

Sportsun Trekking Poles are made up of high quality aluminum alloy material thus making them strong and easy to use. It comes with a non slip handle which is comfortable and is equipped with a snow cover. The diameter of the rods tip is small as compared to the others available in the market. Small diameter allows the user to easily insert sandy soil or forest soil and can adapt too many terrains.

Expandable Sticks: It has almost become the essential feature of the trekking poles for them to be adjustable. They generally adjust between 24 to 55 inches in length. Ideally, you would want to make the poles short when going up and stretch it to the longest size when going downhill.

Sportsun trekking poles come with this feature where they can be stretched from 64cm to up to 135cm. These trekking poles are light in weight as well which makes them easy to carry. The weight of one stick is 260 gram and the collective weight of the pair is 520 gram.

Removable Trekking Basket: The item usually includes a removable trekking basket at its tip end. They can be substituted with larger baskets for use in snowy terrain or muddy situations while trekking. Sportsun trekking poles are reliable and suitable for people of all sizes. They come with removable trekking mud basket that can be utilized a snow basket too. This basket can prevent the tip from sinking into soft dirt or sand.

Rubber Grip: Rubber grip insulate the hands shock,frost and vibration. Thus making it best for cold weather trekking, hiking and mountaineering. However, it is likely to chafe or leave sweaty hands for which it isn’t exactly the best for warm weather.

The Sportsun trekking poles come with a pair of rubber protectors for its tip which are replaceable as per the needs and wants of the trekker. They provide a firm grip which avoids the slipping and improves stability while walking through uneven terrain.

Customer Reviews

Sportsun trekking poles include almost everything that a trekker will need while selecting a pair of trekking poles. They are lightweight, easy to handle and come with rubber tip protector and are easily adjustable in terms of height.

I found over 50 customer reviews out of which most of them were positive thus giving the product average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. People have appreciated the product for its design and low price range but we are not sure if these reviews are real. There have been reports of fake reviews and we hope to get to the bottom of this issue.

One of the customers has shared his experience stating that one can’t find a better deal in this given price in the markets. He has appreciated the lock system and external locking system which did not come loose even after his 6 hour long trekking trip. It was his first time with trekking poles but his experience has been amazing in terms of size and weight and adjustability of the product. He has also liked the fact that these trekking poles reached to him with snow and mud baskets and rubber tips which is an added advantage.

He has further recommended it to all the people who are looking for trekking poles in this range of price. There is almost no customer stating any negative point about the product thus making it a value for money and best buy pair of trekking poles.


In conclusion, considering the features and reviews of the product, I would like to recommend it to all trekkers and adventurers to buy this pair of trekking poles by Sportsun and make their experience more enriching and less tiring.

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