Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Are you going out for hiking? The first thing striking your mind is “Did I pack my trekking poles?”. If you are an adventurer, trekking poles are very close to your heart. They are a necessity in a trekker’s life, and whenever you go backpacking, you carry them along with you.

Trekking poles provide excellent support while walking without putting pressures on your knees. So, even if you are not going out for trekking, they are the best supports while taking a brisk walk down the streets.

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About Montem Outdoor Gear

If you are a trekker, you will be aware of the brand, Montem Outdoor Gear who are dedicatedly designing the most innovative ergonomic outdoor gear. With their best-in-class engineering team, Montem Outdoor Gear is quickly becoming a leading company in this niche market of developing quality outdoor gear. The trustworthy products are provided at an affordable price making the company more popular.


  1. The adjustable bolts with flick-lick system help you to adjust the pole-height from 24 inches to 53 inches to achieve your desired length based on your height.
  2. The trekking poles are not made with a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum. The shafts are manufactured out of 100% carbon fiber which has gained its popularity due to its natural shock absorbing quality.
  3. The material used also makes the trekking poles ultra-light weighing 7.6 ounces each making them less burdensome for you to carry and use.
  4. Both the cork handle and bottom grip are made of EVA foam ensuring excellent grip and keeps them sweat-free making them ideal for long distance hikes and sweaty or rainy weather conditions.
  5. The nylon straps around the handle ensure that the trekking poles do not slip out of your hands so that you can experience a comfortable and safe journey.
  6. They feature tips that are designed for all terrains making them versatile.
  7. They are supported by a one-year limited warranty which also speaks of their quality.


Ultra-Light – The 100% carbon fiber makes the shafts very light, and each weighs 7.6 ounces only. They are one of the best and lightest available trekking poles in the market. The sturdy and ultra-light trekking poles make the experience of trekking great. If you want something heavier, check out the Montem folding poles and the Montem aluminum trekking poles.

You never want to carry your trekking poles which are heavy. The lighter, the better and you can easily pack your trekking poles in your backpack while traveling. Also, if they are light, they do not put a strain on their wrists.

Adjustability – The cutting edge flick lock technology allows you to easily adjust as per your desired height of your trekking poles. The height can be adjusted anywhere between 24 and 53 inches. You can quickly tighten the bolts for customized tightness, and it provides great strength and stability on your hike.

Perfect Gripping – One of the most key features you check while choosing trekking poles is the grip. If the grip is not very good or slippery, you are bound to have real trouble while hiking and the experience can be very tiring.

The Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles are made of the best quality EVA foam which absorbs moisture and sweat to keep your hands eliminating the chances of slipping. This makes them perfect for long hikes in sweaty climates or during sudden drizzles, and this feature comes very handily. Both the bottom grips and cork handles are made of EVA foam.

The ergonomic design of the grips makes gripping even better so that the pressure on your wrists are minimized. Also, the nylon straps around handles provide additional support to your grip.

Perfect for All-Terrain – Trekking poles usually provide support to place your weight equally even on unstable land. These trekking poles from Montem Outdoor Gear optimizes the support letting you taken on the challenge on even the most challenging terrains. Moreover, they come with all-terrain tips for the assistance further and are made of tungsten making them extremely durable.

They feature an icing tip which can also be used on gravel and dirt, a mud tip allowing to be used on sand, snow tip, and a rocky tip which can also be used for walking on paved streets. A complete package of all seasons and terrains!

Great Performance – They give you a springy feel which reduces the pressure on your joints and keeps your walking in a rhythm so that you can keep a constant pace and focus on the scenic beauty around while hiking. This makes it perfect for your any outdoor activities like brisk walking, hiking, trekking, mountaineering or snowshoeing.

Affordable – They are priced at a remarkably reasonable price giving full value of your money. Buying them online can provide you with an even more discounted price.

Customer Reviews

People from all around the world are always impressed with Montem Outdoor Gear’s products as the team delivers what they advertise. This product has been rated by more than 160 people, and the average rating stands at 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Also, more than 160 people have actually reviewed the product online which really speaks to its high-end quality.

Many reviews say the product to be extremely sturdy and durable which can be stored in a backpack when not in use. Another review claims the product to be a wonderful pair. The reviewer liked the grips, locking mechanisms assisting excellent adjustability and support and also the all-terrain tips that came along with the product.

Apart from the reviews from hikers, there is a review where the person states to be recovering quickly to regain posture and balance after her hip operation. This shows the product’s effectiveness and a wide range of uses.


Hikers (experienced or beginners) have rated these trekking poles as their best pick. So, if you are a hiker, these Montem trekking poles are the best choice as they are specially designed to make the hiking experience better. Even if you are not a hiker, you can purchase them for local strolling, gifting, or using them as a support for walking after any operation.

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