Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review

I have always been a big fan of adventurous trekking trips, and carrying trekking poles have helped me to reduce the strain on my knees. They help me improve my balance while walking on rough ground or in other types of rough terrain. They provide a rhythmic balance in your movement if they fit perfectly in your arms and adjust well to your height.

It is important for one to understand all the important benefits of the trekking pole and compare various brands with one another before purchasing them. One needs to know how to use the trekking poles because if used incorrectly, they can result in an increase in caloric demand and effort. Like any other technical instrument, these too need proper technique and awareness about the pitfalls of its incorrect usage.

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About Montem Outdoor Gear

Keeping in mind all the requirements of trekkers, the Montem Outdoor Gear Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are built to last. It comprises of tungsten tips and EVA handles made of foam that are more durable than the cork. Montem’s trekking poles are made out of aluminum 7075, which is the same item used for the construction of airplanes. The brand ensures the sturdiest trekking experience for your hiking adventure with it’s innovative, sleek and modern pole design.


  • This fantastic set of trekking poles have a firm grip and are easily expandable from 24” to 53”.
  • The poles can be retracted to 24” thus making the storage easy when the trekking poles are not in use.
  • Montem trekking poles are made up of 7075 aluminum that are high durable.
  • The item comes with a nylon strap, which can be easily fitted in the hand of the user thus making it more comfortable.


Excellent Grip: The trekking poles come with some excellent grip as they are made of the best quality of material. The grip will not give you any hassle during your journey. It can be extended down the pole when you are hiking uphill, and you can comfortably adjust your grip at any given point of time. The adjustable bolts which are provided allow the user lengthen the height from 24” to 53” allowing so that every user can put it to good use regardless of their height.

Compact Size: It doesn’t matter if you are on a long trekking trip or a short one; you’d never want to carry things that aren’t hasslefree. You always want to take items which are reliable in nature and at the same time compact in size. You will need the trekking poles that can remove burden from your ligaments and joints, as hikes are already very tiring and leave you with joint pain and other complexities.

In this situation, Montem hiking poles are perfect as they can be reduced to the size of 24” with a weight of just 9.6 ounces per pole which make them ultra light. They are sturdy and durable because of which they are a great hiking partner for traveling.

Quality Material: Hiking poles are generally made up of two types of material, carbon fiber or aluminum. Montem trekking poles are made of aluminum 7075. Consider this material as it is strong enough for use on airplanes then it must be super sturdy for the trekking poles and will provide you a great trekking experience without any hindrance.

Strap Up: This item comes with nylon straps that ensure that you have the safest journey ever. These trekking poles which have nylon straps help you to make a firm grip with your arms and will fit perfectly to avoid any mishap during the journey. You will not even have to stress over losing grip on these trekking poles at the places which have uneven terrain or during river or lake crossings.

Customer Reviews

You will be able to find various customers reviewing the product on By far, there are over 150 customer reviews, among which over 95% customers are super happy with the product giving it an average rating of 4.9/5 stars. The product is extremely popular amongst the customers and has created a name for itself in the market of hiking gear.

While going through the comments of customers, the review that caught my eye was the one by a man who is very passionate about trekking. Over the past few years, he purchased a lot of set of trekking poles, but none of them seemed to satisfy him completely but after his purchase of Montem trekking poles, he has become the fan of the brand itself. He appreciated the structure, affordability and easy adjustability of the trekking poles. He really liked the grip of this item. He found this pair of trekking poles perfect for his trekking experience as if they were personally designed for him by the company.

There were many other such reviews where people were completely satisfied with the product and had pointed out the nuances of the trekking poles crediting it with the label of best and sturdiest trekking poles available in the market at the given price range.


The set of two trekking poles by Montem are retractable poles, which are perfect for hiking, trekking, walking, mountaineering, backpacking, snowshoeing, climbing and all other kinds of adventure travels. It is a myth that hiking poles are just for hikers because it is not true. When you are on a family trip, it might get tiring for people of old age and children. In a situation like these, hiking poles come in use. You always have to make sure that you are carrying a set of hiking sticks during your fun trips to ease the burden on your joints and ligaments while making sure that you keep up with everything else.

This set of hiking sticks by Montem Outdoor Gear are ultra light, compact and easily adjustable. Due to its light weight, it is easy to carry them on longer journeys and fold them and store them in your backpack when not in use. This amazing set of hiking sticks is a must have for all the people who like any sort of adventurous trips during their vacations.

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