Montem Folding Collapsible Trekking Poles Review

Experts have confirmed that trekking poles can reduce the stress and strain on your joints and legs by a considerable margin which means that irrespective of the surface, they provide significant benefits to lessen any strain. Also, trekking poles improve posture and balance with better traction. Trekking poles have evolved over the years as a necessary equipment for any outdoor activity apart from a luxury outdoor gear for hiking. Seasoned hikers always recommend the use of trekking poles because you will need the help of great support to maintain the balance and stability while climbing any precarious heights.

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About Montem Outdoor Gear

Being established in 2016, Montem Outdoor Gear has really made a mark quickly gaining massive popularity with their quality products in this niche market and has also been awarded. They founded the company with the sole mission of delivering high-end products at the most affordable prices to enjoy the outdoors because they found mediocre quality trekking poles were being sold in the market at very high rates. These trekking poles on offer from Montem Outdoor Gear are also the best-in-class available in the market. You can check out the Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles here.


  1. The shafts are made of aircraft grade aluminum 7075 designed to be ultra-strong, but also they are lightweight weighing only 10.5 ounces per pole.
  2. The Ultra Z poles can be folded into 16 inches in length which can be fit in any backpack. They also come with a carrying bag so that you can easily carry them.
  3. The length of the poles can be adjusted from 115 cm to 135 cm, and the “Quick Twist” lock mechanism ensures that the poles don’t collapse without any untwisting of the locks.
  4. These tri-fold trekking poles come with cork handles that are made of EVA foam ensuring no sweat, no chafing, and all-day comfort.
  5. The extended sleeve handles are designed to have ridges and also made from EVA foam ensuring better grip to tackle the abrupt changes in different surfaces.
  6. These trekking poles feature nylon straps around the cork handles to provide additional support on your wrists without any chance of dropping your trekking poles.
  7. They come with all the tips required for all seasons and terrains. They come with heavy-duty tungsten carbide tips, mud baskets, snow baskets, and rubber tips.
  8. The trekking poles are also backed by Montem’s one-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects and replace the faulty parts without asking any questions.


Packability – The most important benefit that you get from these trekking poles is the packability. They can be folded easily into 16 inches only which makes them fit in any backpack for storage. They come with a carrying bag which helps you to pack them in the bag fitting in a backpack to carry them for your next backpacking or hiking trip.

Lightweight and Strong – As experienced hikers prefer trekking poles to be both lightweight and sturdy, Montem Outdoor Gear has come up with these trekking poles to for a perfect blend of robustness and lightweight. The aluminum shaft material of aircraft grade can take a beating and is extremely strong which is very much required to maintain ideal balance without breaking while leaning on them.

It is commonly known that aluminum shafts are not lightweight, but these trekking poles are made of aluminum 7075 instead of aluminum 6061 so that they are lightweight weighing only 10.5 ounces each. The 6061 aluminum shafts are sturdy but heavy and used on cheaper models.

Adjustability and Locking System – You always check whether the trekking poles are adjustable in length because this is an important feature to check while purchasing your trekking poles at the first time. You never know the desired height that will be perfect for your height and also with changes in terrain, you might require to adjust the height of the poles.

These Montem Ultra Z folding trekking poles can be adjusted from 115 cm to 135 cm making it ideal for the use of all heights of people, and also the “Quick Twist” lock mechanism ensures that the trekking poles are fixed at a particular position without any chance of collapsing.

Comfortable Grips – The EVA foam cork grips and the ridged sleeve handles provide excellent tight grip without any slippage due to sweat or wet conditions as they are designed to absorb any moisture. Also, the nylon straps provide additional support to your wrists putting less strain making them perfect for use on long hikes.

Versatility – The all-season and all-terrain tips that come along with these trekking poles ensure that they are versatile to be used in any conditions and surfaces.

High Performance – Maintaining balance and stability, protecting knees and joints, and improving posture are the benefits you check in every trekking poles which the Montem Folding Collapsible Trekking Poles are well-known to provide.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews really matter because they provide an accurate picture of the quality of any product that is available in the market. Checking the customer reviews is beneficial for making the purchasing decision because you won’t like to waste your money. The average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over customers gives you an idea of the quality of these trekking poles.

One customer said that she was suffering from peripheral neuropathy and so, had problems maintaining balance and also uneven surfaces were difficult for her to walk on. She was initially felt uncomfortable to use trekking poles to keep her balance because she thought what other people might think. However, after using these trekking poles, she does not care what people might think of as they provided excellent security and stability while walking. Also, she praised the adjustability, lightweight and gripping of these trekking poles.

Another customer was delighted with these trekking poles who appreciated the lightweight, easy adjustability, and packability. Initially, he received these trekking poles with a printing error which Montem Outdoor Gear replaced them without any question. This also goes to show this brand’s excellent customer service.

Apart from these reviews, there are several other reviews that you can check. Everyone praised for the excellent features of these trekking poles.


As you are now aware of all the features and benefits of these trekking poles, you can put your faith on them to purchase. Also, with so many customers who have used them, provided good reviews building that trust further. So, if you are looking for trekking poles, these Montem Folding Collapsible Trekking Poles are definitely worth your consideration.

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