Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Years before, people did not know about trekking poles but now it seems almost impossible for adventurers to pack for day or night trips without them. They have become a necessity for trekkers, backpackers, walkers, and hikers for they help a person to maintain the balance on uneven terrain and even save the energy of trekkers going up and down on the steep paths.

They can support trekkers to increase their average speed of walking and for knee support. During river crossing and slippery bog bridges, these trekking poles are highly essential to make the journey smooth and comfortable. They can be used as an alternative to heavy tent poles as they are much more rigid than tent poles, and there are fewer chances for it to break during heavy winds.

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About Hiker Hunger

Keeping in mind the needs of the trekkers and mountaineers to make their experience more fulfilling, Hiker Hunger has come up with the Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles that are the strongest and lightest poles available in the market. They are easily adjustable which make them storage friendly. You can keep them in your backpack when you don’t want to use them, thus reducing the extra pressure on your arms. You can adjust it with its 3-section poles by just flicking the lock open, adjusting it to your need and closing the lock after that.

These poles by Hiker Hunger are fitted with trekking basket and durable tungsten carbide tips; including the tip protectors for protection. They are very similar to the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles except they are carbon fiber and not aluminum. *(UPDATE: Montem came out with their carbon fiber version and they are awesome. In our opinion, they are better quality carbon fiber and less expensive than Hiker Hunger. We will write about them soon. You can check the Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles here.)* The added advantage of trekking basket is that they give stability on soft terrain and just by twisting they can be replaced with mud or snow baskets. Since it comes with interchangeable tips, it allows the user to switch between tungsten-carbide tips, rubber tips, and rubber feet.


  • The trekking sticks are made up of 100% carbon fiber, thus making it very light in weight.
  • Since it is made up of carbon, it can be expected to be long lasting and durable. Keep in mind, carbon fiber tends to break more easily than aluminum.
  • The set comes with easy flip lock facility with which you can adjust the sticks according to your own needs.
  • It comes with extremely comfortable grip along with an extended EVA foam grip for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.


Built to Last: The product is made of 100% carbon fiber lending amazing strength to endure difficult situations. It is built with pure carbon and not a mixture between carbon and aluminum which strengthens it and makes it durable. Carbon is lighter, stiffer and stronger whereas aluminum is slightly heavier which can make your experience more tiring. That being said aluminum can last longer and does not break as easily.

Ultra Light: Each pole weighs only 7.6 ounces making the pair weigh only 25.2 ounces, which are under 1 pound. Hence, the poles are easy to carry during long treks making the lighter better choice.

Adjustable: The adjustable trekking poles are generally simpler and more durable as compared to the other ones. These trekking poles come with an easy flip lock facility with which you can easily expand or adjust it according to your needs. You can expand your poles from 24” to all the way 54” quickly. When not in use you can easily fold it up and pack it in the carry bag which you will be getting along with your purchase or in your backpack.

Comfortable Grip: It is critical to have a comfortable grip to have the best experience. It is for the same reason that the product is designed with ergonomic cork grip which is moisture wicking and conforms to the shape of your hand. It will make you feel like a glove with the best experience and comfort level. There is also non-slip EVA foam grip as an extension for quick choke-ups on steep terrain.

Customer Reviews

It is always good to see the constructive feedback of the product from as many customers as possible. Over 100 customers have reviewed the product on Amazon giving it an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. This shows that the customers have liked the product and its features during their experience with it.

There have been a lot of customers who have shared their trekking experience with Hiker Hunger trekking poles, for instance, one customer is grateful about the light weight and sturdiness of the pair. They had knee problem and during his walk beside the lake of around two miles during the little up and down gave him excellent stability. This review was given by a 69-year-old man living in a place which is often very slippery. He has shown his interest in buying another pair of these trekking sticks.

Another review from Amazon that caught our eyes was the customer who appreciated the design and specifications of the product in the best possible way. He liked the construction and quality of the product as it comes with great adjustability. He has liked how the product’s length can vary from 24 inches to 54 inches, depending upon the need of the trekker. He has compared it with his other trekking poles and liked the idea how lightweight it is, and there is no compromise with the quality of the product.

The carbon fiber material which is used in its making makes the product more robust and durable. The gentleman appreciated the fact that the trekking poles arrived in the pair which makes it the best deal for family trekking trips. The handles which are made of cork provide a good grip to trekkers is also liked by a lot of customers.


This fantastic set of trekking poles by Hiker Hunger is a must for all trekkers. They are made up of 100% carbon. They are light weight, adjustable with secure lock technique and can be easily stored in the bag pack when not in use. Another important feature of these trekking poles is that they are very sturdy and give support to people on the little up and down especially senior citizens.

Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles have been designed for trekkers keeping in mind all the necessities and for better comfort. This item is highly recommended and you can buy it directly from Amazon.com.

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