Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Hiking or trekking is one of the best activities if you love the outdoors and nature. However, it is one of the most tiresome outdoor activities if you are not equipped with the right outdoor gear. So, trekking poles are a must for every hiker because they make your journey comfortable and with secure footing on every challenging terrain, you remain safe from injuries. When it comes to purchasing trekking poles, it gets tough with a lot of offerings in the market from different brands but choosing the right one is extremely important.

About Foxelli Outdoor Gear

Foxelli Outdoor Gear has an innovative team of experts and engineering team to make the best possible designs in creating outdoor gears for outdoor fanatics and professionals. They use the advanced premium materials for manufacturing their products which ensure high quality.

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Their claim of manufacturing high-end outdoor gear is wholly justified. These trekking poles from Foxelli Outdoor Gear provide all-around benefits and have all the features you look for in a quality trekking pole.


  1. The poles are manufactured from 100% carbon fiber which makes them shock-absorbent impacting less on joints. Each pole weighs 7 ounces putting less fatigue on your arm.
  2. The cork grips are designed to be ergonomic fitting your palms comfortably and made from anti-slip material to absorb sweat or moisture to keep your hands cool and dry for long distance hikes.
  3. Soft EVA foam is used to manufacture the extended foam sleeves, and they are also designed to have ridges which makes the gripping better to manage the abrupt changes in terrain and switchbacks.
  4. The wrist straps are designed to be adjustable, air ventilated and extra padded for providing all-day comfort.
  5. With the Quick Lock Technology, you can quickly and easily adjust the length of the poles from 24 inches to 55 inches as per your height.
  6. The heavy-duty tungsten carbide tip increases traction. They also feature four heavy duty tips that can be used for all terrains.
  7. You can purchase these trekking poles because they come with a 120-Day No-Questions-Asked guarantee and Money Back Guarantee for three years against any manufacturing defects.


Ultralight and Robust – If you are an experienced hiker, you will know the importance of using ultralight poles as the heavy ones create immense fatigue of your arms. The aluminum shafts are usually heavy, and so the carbon fiber trekking poles have gained its popularity, but they are claimed to be fragile. These trekking poles from Foxelli Outdoor Gear are made of carbon fiber to be ultralight weighing only 7 ounces. You can efficiently use your hands for other work as well like photographing.

However, you might think them to break as carbon fiber shafts are considered to be fragile. Don’t worry at all. They are firm and can take a beating. They are designed to be indestructible to withstand any challenging backpacking trips.

Adjustability and Fast Lock System – Your height is a significant factor to consider while choosing your trekking poles. Your trekking poles need to be of a perfect length as per your height because if they are not, they are bound to put immense strain on your back while will make the hiking experience terrible. These Foxelli trekking poles can be adjusted from 24 inches (61 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm). This adjustability makes them perfect for kids, men, and women of all heights.

The Quick-Lock mechanism allows you to adjust the length of the trekking poles and lock at the desired position quickly. Moreover, this system also ensures that the poles do not collapse suddenly which might be very risky. They can even be easily collapsed to fit and stored in a backpack.

Comfortable Gripping – Without a proper grip, you will never feel you trekking poles comfortable in your palms. Now, what makes the grip comfortable? You need to see if your trekking poles fit well in your palms, non-slip, and if the handles can absorb sweat from your palms, otherwise you need to frequently stop wiping your hands dry for a nice and firm grip.

With these trekking poles, you can rest assured of the grip. Ergonomic in design, they fit excellently in your palms and also the cork handles are designed to absorb sweat or moisture making them non-slip. Moreover, made from soft EVA foam, the extended sleeve handles have ridges for better gripping to handle sudden changes in terrains.

Most trekking poles come with straps to provide additional support for your wrists, but the straps of these trekking poles are adjustable and come with extra padding for additional comfort.

Exceptional Performance – These trekking poles are shock absorbent reducing the impact on your knees, feet, and ankles and alleviate the weight you carry on your backpack. With increased traction, you can improve your posture maintaining balance and a regular rhythm to move faster with minimal effort.

All-Terrain Tips – You can hike on every challenging terrain because they feature tips that are designed to be perfect for all, including tungsten carbide tips, rubber tips, snow and mud basket.

Customer Reviews

Still not sure if these trekking poles are worth your consideration? Let’s see what the customers of this product have said. You can easily judge the quality of these trekking poles from the average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 450 customers.

Multiple customers have praised the adjustability and locking mechanism of these trekking poles. Also, they have appreciated the robustness and lightweight material of the shafts. One customer who had knee problems praised immensely about these trekking poles because they helped him walk easily and comfortably.

Another customer said to have hiked Cerro Alto peak in Los Padres National Forest, California with these trekking poles maneuvering over the rock fragments and dirt making the ascent and descent very easy. The trekking poles helped him to maintain a perfect balance even while carrying a backpack of 25 lbs. and also worked as a great shock-absorber.

One customer underwent extensive lower back surgery which weakened his back and joints in his legs. He initially used these trekking poles to walk down the streets to get used to the motion which did wonders not affecting his joints.


The Foxelli Carbon Fiber trekking poles let you walk faster with less fatigue. They are comfortable, reduce impacts on joints, and ideal for people of all heights. With all the benefits available, these trekking poles are highly recommended with confidence. Just check for the best deals online for trustworthy trekking poles.

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