Catskills Outdoor Trekking Poles Review

Early this year, I went on a trek as I am usually fond of taking these adventurous trips whenever I can take out time out of my busy schedule of work. I have never been a fan of all these travelling equipments so I had no qualms of carrying those things on my trip. My fellow hikers, on the other hand, decided to carry some trekking sticks to increase their stability during the trek as it was a long journey through foot and the terrain was quite uneven in the area.

Before leaving my friends suggested me to buy a pair of trekking sticks too but I avoided their advice and decided to take on the trek on my own. During half way I was so exhausted that I had to borrow the trekking stick of my friend who bought it recently to give me support and that is when I realized the truth about trekking poles.

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About Catskills Outdoor

My friend bought this pair of trekking poles from Catskill Outdoors and lent me to use it for some time. It was an amazing experience to use these trekking poles during my trek as they were light weight and strong. When I walked through the trek, I realized how frustrating the journey was about to me. But with this trekking pole, I soon found out that I underestimated its usage.

Along with being light in weight, they can be easily folded and packed and stored in a backpack when not in use. One could understand it while holding it the first time that these were made up of quality material and they would have been put to use before by the professional trekkers.


  • The trekking poles are easily adjustable and ideal for people from height 4’2” to 6’4”.
  • It is made up of 7075 aluminum material which makes it super strong and durable.
  • The seller is providing extra pair of rubber feet, four snow baskets and a black carry bag.
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty thus making it more trustworthy.


Convenient: The set of these trekking poles are very convenient and easily adjustable. The walking sticks retract to just 25 inches which makes it easy to carry. It can be expanded and is ideal for the walkers from 4’2” to 6’4” in height. This feature makes the product unique and easily usable by people of all ages, sizes and weight. The lock system is easily adjustable and there is no need to take off your gloves while adjusting the locks as it comes with effortless adjustments.

Material: It is made up of ultra strong 7075 aluminum which makes it very tough. Generally, trekking poles are made up of carbon fiber or aluminum but the one’s which are built of aluminum are more tough and durable. Along with the toughness and durability, these are light in weight measuring only 8oz each hiking pole.

Complete Set: Trekking Poles for Hiking & Walking from Catskills Outdoor are providing a complete set required for trekking without any extra charges. Besides two strong and light weight walking poles, it includes an extra pair of rubber feet, four snow baskets and a black carry bag. When not in use you can safely pack your walking sticks in the carry bag which you are getting complimentary with the walking sticks.

Lifetime Warranty: There are rare products in the market which come with lifetime warranty. This is one such product as it is tried and tested by professional hikers. The company is sure about its product which is enough to trust on the product. This advantage makes the product stand out and catches the eyes of the customer thus making it the best set of walking sticks available in the market.

Customer Reviews

Catskill outsiders have come up with this amazing pair of hiking poles to enrich your trekking experience. You can find over 20 customer reviews on amazon to check the acceptability and likeness of the product in the market. The average rating is 4.8 stars out of 5 stars making it the best existing trekking poles in the market.

One of the customers praised the product by recommending it both for first timers and professionals. He purchased the product for his son who is tall and generally had hard time finding equipment that would fit his needs. But he was extremely happy with this product once it arrived and because of the additional accessories as well.

I came across another review by a man who is extremely fond of family trekking and they required a set of trekking poles which would suffice their needs and come under their budget. He has appreciated the product and its sturdy straps and the ergonomic handle at the top of the poles. He also liked the added accessories especially the snow and mud baskets. The easy adjustability for the people of different height in his family also turned out to be an added on advantage for his purchase.

There are various such comments and reviews which talk about the good sides of the trekking sticks by Catskill Outdoors making it a worthwhile product.


Trekking Poles for Hiking & Walking from Catskills Outdoor is a brilliant product. Within this price range and along with so many features, there are almost no competitors of this product in this niche. The lifetime warranty of the product speaks enough about how brilliantly it is designed and tested by the company before bringing it in the market. The product comes with a lot of extra added accessories with no extra charges which makes it complete set. The material and the grip of the product is praise worthy factor.

These are light weight and durable trekking sticks which can be used by people of all ages, heights, size and weight. One doesn’t have to think too much after seeing these features and the brilliant customer reviews. Go grab your set of these trekking poles before they run out of stock to make your next trekking experience worthy of remembering for a lifetime.

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