Cascade Mountain Tech 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Hiking staffs and trekking poles are the regular equipment required for trekking, walking, hiking, snowshoeing and backpacking. Their designs are standardized to provide stability and exceptional support on all sorts of surfaces. They are usually made of either carbon fiber or aluminum so that they are lightweight putting less strain on your wrists.

The use of carbon fiber has gained huge popularity because it makes the shafts sturdy, durable, ultralight and is also cheaper comparatively than the aluminum shafts. Some trekking poles are featured with extra supports and features making them more comfortable to use and versatile on all terrain.

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About Cascade Mountain Tech

Cascade Mountain Tech offers a wide range of great trekking poles as per the customers’ needs from carbon fiber poles to the aluminum models. They are specialists in designing lighting accessories, mountain trekking gear, and versatile seating. Just choose the pole that is perfect for you from their extensive range with different features inclusive of a quick lock, folding ones, and twist lock.


  1. The shafts are made of 100% quality carbon fiber which makes them very light for excellent comfort and is great for taking a quick day trip or a big trip. These compact poles weigh only 7.8 ounces each.
  2. The Quick-Lock mechanism allows you to adjust the length of the shafts without the use of any tools. This locking system is more reliable than the twist lock adjusters and mostly, does not require any maintenance.
  3. The cork handle grips are made of EVA foam. The use of EVA foam has popularized because of their moisture absorbing capabilities. Below the cork handle, there are also extended foam grips.
  4. The wrist straps which are attached to the pole handles come with extra padding and are adjustable for added support and comfort on your wrists.
  5. The tips are made of tungsten carbide that is extremely durable. Also, they come with snow baskets, mud baskets, rubber tips and boot tips making them ideal to be used on any surface.
  6. The brand backs its products with a warranty and great customer service. If required, they also replace faulty parts.


Super Lightweight – Most experienced hikers prefer lightweight trekking poles because they make a significant difference while on daily walks or long hikes and these trekking poles are perfect for this reason. They weigh exceptionally 7.8 ounces each, and together they weigh less than a pound. If you compare them with other ultralight trekking poles available in the market, they weigh at least 2 ounces less each.

Brilliant Gripping – If you are hiking in hot and humid conditions, you are bound to have sweat on your palms. Also, if you are hiking in drizzling or rainy conditions, your palms might have moisture, and this makes your palms moist making the grip to slip off the cork handles. The extended foam grips just below the cork handle help you to hike up on slopes without requiring you to adjust the length. The adjustable padded straps around the pole provide additional support with greater comfort on your wrists.

Locking and Adjustability – Adjust and lock the shafts at your desired length with their Quick-lock system. Just open the quick lock tab completely to adjust to your desired height and then tighten the thumbscrew by rotating it in a clockwise direction. Put pressure to close the Quick Lock Tab as it becomes a bit difficult to close if appropriately tightened but this ensures that your poles won’t collapse. The length of the poles can be adjusted from 23 inches to 53 inches.

Durability – These Cascade Mountain poles are very sturdy that serves you for several years which makes your investment a sound one.

Packability – As they are very lightweight and can be collapsed to 23 inches, you can quickly pack them in your backpack to either store when not in use or carry them when you are out for your adventure.

Versatility – The Tungsten Carbide Tip is extremely used for hiking on loose gravel or dirt providing immense stability. Rubber Tips are ideal for slippery or hard surfaces while the Boot Tips come with the added feature of extra cushioning perfect on hard surfaces. Snow Baskets won’t allow your trekking poles to sink in the snow giving a proper grip on snowy surfaces and the Mud Baskets allow you to hike on soft ground without slipping.

Affordability – These trekking poles are priced at an amazingly low price that will not pinch your pocket, and you can easily afford to avail all the benefits.

Customer Reviews

These trekking poles have an average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 700 customers which speaks their high quality in general. One of the customers who was nearly 70 years of age said that he purchased these trekking poles as his first set to go for a trip in Antarctica. They served him excellently on the snow, ice, and rocks with penguin droppings and water. He almost leaned on them, but they provided excellent support without any problems in extreme weather conditions. He also appreciated the locking mechanism of these trekking poles. If you want to check out more value carbon fiber trekking poles, check out the Montem carbon fiber trekking poles here.

An experienced hiker put faith in these trekking poles and hiked over 500 miles with them. He considered them to be high-end trekking poles with all the features like good gripping, excellent locking mechanism, and several tips at an unbelievably low price. He mentioned that he was 6 feet 4 inches in height while his friend was 4 feet 11 inches, but these poles served brilliantly for both of them which shows that they serve well for people of all heights. He also mentioned that he heard that the company has excellent customer service but never had to check on them because his trekking poles never gave a problem.

Another customer who was over 60 years of age purchased these trekking poles as he had knee pains. He used them for hiking in Volcano National Park in Hawaii. The gripping was extremely good, and there was no sweat in his palms. He used the rubber and boot tips on rocks which provided an excellent grip, and the adjusting of the length was also great.


Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles with Quick Lock mechanism provide fantastic value if you are in need of a high-quality pair of trekking poles which are also durable. As you can already check the reviews and average rating of these trekking poles online, it is pretty evident that they are excellent products recommended by many users. At a remarkably low price, they are the best poles to try whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner.

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