Breakfast On Everest 3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Once you go out for hiking, you are completely dependent on your outdoor gears, and trekking poles are one of the most important outdoor gears if you are hiking or involved in an adventure trip. Buying good quality trekking poles with the required features are essential to make your experience exceptional.

About Breakfast On Everest

They are an innovative team dedicated to manufacturing excellent quality trekking poles. They are also producing other gears for adventure sports. This is a team who believes in staying in this niche market because they know what they do best. The retractable trekking poles perfect for climbing, hiking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, walking, backpacking, and other adventure travels are an ideal example of their classy products.

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  1. The poles are made of the best-quality carbon fiber and do not include any mixture. They are designed to be shock-absorbent, ultralight and ultrastrong.
  2. The natural cork grips are ergonomic in design and avoid slippage during wet conditions. Also, they are sweat-absorbent because you tend to sweat in hot and humid conditions which also might result in slippage.
  3. The extended sleeve handles are made of soft EVA foam and are also designed to have ridges of excellent gripping to handle switchbacks and sudden changes in terrain.
  4. The Breakfast on Everest trekking poles feature adjustable straps threaded around the cork handles to allow you to have better grip with additional support avoiding any slippage.
  5. The poles have an adjustable length from 24 inches (61 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm). They feature a Quick-Lock system which enables the user to adjust the height quickly and easily and lock at the desired position without any chance of collapsing.
  6. They come with a heavy-duty tungsten carbide tip, rubber tip, rubber feet, and snow and mud basket making them versatile for usage on every challenging terrain. Moreover, they come with a carrying bag so that you can carry them easily or pack them for storage while not in use.
  7. Not satisfied with the product? You have a no-questions-asked 120-day money back guarantee with this product. Also, they feature a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Ultralight and Ultrastrong – While hiking on the roughest surfaces and extended periods, you need a trekking pole that can take a beating and also light enough so that you don’t get tired out quickly. If you are experienced, you are sure to know of this importance.

These carbon fiber trekking poles are a perfect blend of lightweight and sturdiness. You can lean on them for perfect balance without any chance of breaking them and also being ultralight; they put less stress on your arms so that you can go for a long hike.

Nice Gripping with Additional Support – The ergonomic design of the natural cork grips fits your palms excellently so that you can have a tight grip. This is very important because any slippage might result in risking your life. Also, they are designed to be sweat absorbent as your hands tend to sweat in hot and humid weather conditions and even moisture-wicking making then efficient in wet weather as well.

The extended foam sleeve handles are comfortable and help to maneuver easily without requiring you to adjust the length of the poles during abrupt terrain changes. You can also adjust the straps to fit the size of your wrists for additional support making gripping even better.

Easy to Adjust with Quick Lock Mechanism – The adjustability from 24 inches to 55 inches in length makes these trekking poles perfect for women, kids, tall and short men. Simply, flick to open the lock, adjust the length of the pole to your preferred length based on your height, and then flick again to lock. You are all set to go!

Performance – Though hiking is fun, it is indeed very tiresome impacting joints especially knees, feet, and ankles. The shock-absorbent feature of these trekking poles give you a light feel minimizing the impact on your joints, and you will feel lively with every step.

Tips and Baskets for All Terrains – The tips and baskets that a brand provides with trekking poles are essential because they decide on which terrain you can use your trekking poles. If you are a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, you will always want your trekking poles to be versatile for use on every challenging surface.

These trekking poles from Breakfast on Everest are equipped with all the tips and baskets required for hiking on all challenging terrains.

Portable – These trekking poles can easily be collapsed to fit in a backpack and also comes with a carrying bag. You can collapse and store them when not in use, or you can carry them easily along with you in a backpack while backpacking.

Customer Reviews

What do the customers say? This is very important when it comes to the decision-making process for the purchase because they give a proper insight of the quality of the product. Over 70 customers have reviewed this product, and the average rating stands at over 4.5 stars out of 5 stars making it very evident of the best-in-class quality and features of these trekking poles.

One customer who suffers from chronic pains due to arthritis in knees and problems with back provided a detailed review of these trekking poles. The trekking poles reduced her pain dramatically while walking or climbing stairs. As they are shock-absorbent, they also cut the noise of use of trekking poles. She also appreciated the lining of the wrist straps which were very soft and did not cause any irritation on her skin.

Another customer purchased a single set of these trekking poles and used them to hike the Smokey Mountains along with her husband. They used one pole each and so plans to purchase another set as they were impressed with their adjustability, comfortable grips, and lightweight.

There are many more reviews you can check online praising all the features and their pleasant experiences with these trekking poles.


Designed to withstand the harshest trekking environments and surfaces, the Breakfast on Everest 3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are an ideal choice if you are looking to buy trekking poles.

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