Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles Review

Hiking is one of the most adventurous outdoor activities that can be tiresome and also fun. Trekking poles are the supports that come as a great relief for the hikers making their experience excellent and the quality of them are very essential. Trekking poles need to durable and provide excellent support even on uneven surfaces for perfect balance.

You will find many available trekking poles in the market and check all the features to choose the right one becomes very important. The modern trekking poles are manufactured from the lightest yet sturdy materials and can be easily folded to be stored or carried in a backpack.

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About Black Diamond Equipment

Established in 1957, Black Diamond Equipment is the leading manufacturer of equipment for skiing, climbing, and mountain sports with a global presence. It is a brand which most of the hikers around the world puts on their trust. They not just only manufacture top quality trekking poles, they manufacture any mountain gear you can think of.

With the primary aim of developing innovative gear designs, their products have set high-quality standards in many areas. They are a team of people with great desire, dedication, and diligence. Undoubtedly, these trail trekking poles from Black Diamond Equipment are very much popular as they are the best-in-class.


  1. The Black Diamond Trail trekking poles can be folded into three pieces making them easy to carry and pack them in a backpack. The storage length is 25 inches.
  2. The shafts are made of ultra-light aluminum, and also they are narrow in diameter making them easier to hold. They provide excellent strength and reduce the weight drastically making you walk at a rhythmic pace with minimal pressure on your knees.
  3. The trekking poles weigh 1.08 pounds each which makes them extremely easy to carry putting less strain on your wrists and also help you to use your hands-free for other activities like taking pictures.
  4. They feature a patented dual FlickLock locking mechanism which helps you to adjust the pole lengths easily. Also, this locking mechanism provides excellent security without any chances of slipping.
  5. The trekking poles can be adjusted from 25 inches (63.5 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm). So as per your height, you can adjust the length easily with great comfort which reduces the strain on your back.
  6. They feature 360 degree padded wrist straps that are adjustable and specifically designed for left and right hands for additional support.
  7. The dual-density foam grips are extremely soft and also the extensions provide better gripping with no slipping chance.
  8. Depending on the terrain you are hiking on, you can easily switch between the Rubber and Carbide tips as they feature Tech tips that are interchangeable with WaveLock technology.
  9. They also feature Powder Baskets which can be used in snow and the low-profile trekking baskets can be used for general purposes.


Lightweight and Durability – If your trekking poles are not light, you will find them very difficult to handle them on the long run. Especially if you are an experienced hiker, you will know what it feels like to go on a long trek with bulky trekking poles. These trekking poles from Black Diamond Equipment are extremely light in weight and are also narrow in diameter making them very easy to handle. Moreover, the shaft material is aluminum which makes them very sturdy and serves you for several years. If you are looking for a value play, check out the aluminum Montem trekking poles.

Adjustability and Locking Mechanism – The height of your trekking poles play an important role in putting a strain on your back. If you cannot set your desired height, you are bound to put pressure on your back which makes the hiking experience bad. With these trekking poles, you can easily adjust the length of the trekking poles from 25 inches to 55 inches.

Moreover, the double flick locks on the poles are the best-in-class and easy to use. To adjust the length of the trekking poles, just flick the lock to open, set your desired length and flick the lock to close for quick and tight adjusting.

Shock Absorption – When it comes to buying trekking poles, you look for the material and if they can provide a springy feel. While hiking for long, it can put pressure on your joints, especially knees. These trekking poles are ideal for shock absorption reducing the pressure on your knees, elbows, and wrists.

Excellent Gripping – You cannot feel comfortable holding a trekking pole without a proper grip, and without comfort, it becomes very risky for you to on hiking as you are completely dependent on them. The Black Diamond Trail trekking poles feature excellent non-slip grips with padded wrist straps for additional support on your grips.

Packability – The trekking poles can be collapsed into 25 inches in height which you can easily pack them in a backpack making storage and packing very simple.

Versatility – They feature long-lasting carbide tech tips which can be added to the powder baskets and low-profile trekking baskets. So, you can use them on the most challenging terrains. They are excellent for beginners because they provide great support and balance.

Affordability – Money matters and so do quality. The price of these trekking poles are very reasonable that won’t go beyond your budget. With the quality assured, your money invested is completely worth.

Customer Reviews

With almost over 90 customer reviews, the Black Diamond Trail trekking poles have an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Almost all the customer reviews have praised these trekking poles.

One of the customers said that she was hesitant initially to purchase these trekking poles as they were cheaper than the other available trekking poles in the market but she was amazed by their performance on all terrains.

Also, another customer reviewed that he used them on a flooded day and they provided excellent balance and support with no slippage. This goes to show the quality of these trekking poles.


There is a misconception in people’s minds that higher the price the better will be the quality of the product. Black Diamond Equipment has indeed proven this to be a misconception as they are providing the best quality products at a low price. These trekking poles are a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

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