Black Diamond Distance Z Z-Poles Review

Trekking or hiking poles are an essential part of a hiker’s life. They act as natural extensions of a hiker’s arms which provide great supports even on the roughest terrain. No hiker can think of going out for hiking without a trekking pole. However, there are a lot of things one needs to consider to choose a perfect trekking pole.

They need to be compact which can be easily packed in a backpack carrying them when you are going for hiking. There are also many features to check the weight, gripping, durability, and endurance on uneven and challenging terrains. The Black Diamond Distance Z Z-Poles provide all the features you look for.

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About Black Diamond Equipment

With a global presence, Black Diamond Equipment has been delivering best quality mountain gears from 1957 at affordable prices. With several years in this business, this company has made its mark and is one of the major industry giants when it comes to manufacturing mountain gears. They are the most trusted brand, and hikers around the globe are purchasing their products with great satisfaction.

They are a dedicated team designing innovative gear designs as per the requirement of the hikers diligently. Moreover, they understand what designs are required because they are experienced hikers themselves. The Black Diamond Distance Z Z-Poles have been designed to be ergonomic and suit best for every hiker, experienced or novice.


  1. The most innovative folding design is the Z-Pole system which makes the trekking poles a compact, reliable and straightforward support. They also feature a concealed inner cord, a single push-button release to collapse the pole, and speed cone deployment technology.
  2. The shafts are made of 100% carbon fiber which is exceptionally sturdy and durable weighing only 9 ounces each. They provide excellent support even in the most challenging terrains and stand up to be used every day on the trail.
  3. The grips are made from lightweight EVA foam which is designed to absorb moisture entirely making them non-slip. Moreover, they are designed to be breathable to ensure comfort in gripping.
  4. The padded straps absorb moisture further and provide better support and gripping putting less stress on your wrists.
  5. The mini-grip extension also is manufactured from non-slip foam allowing secure steep inclines.
  6. The carbide tech tips and the non-marking rubber tech tips are interchangeable that can be used for any surface making them versatile. Moreover, the rubber tips avoid trail and rock scarring. Also, they are incredibly durable offering excellent grip.
  7. The stopper baskets feature shaft catchers secure the pole sections when you fold them.


Ultralight in Weight – Amazingly light in weight weighing only 9 ounces each, they are preferred by most of the hikers. No hiker likes to carry a trekking pole which is bulky and heavy because they put stress on the wrists which no hiker wants. Moreover, the bulkier trekking poles don’t keep your hands free for other purposes.

Durability – With so light in weight, you might think that they might not be strong and durable but this is not the case. Carbon fiber material is known to be very strong and makes the product to last for several years. So, your trekking poles are designed to be robust and serve you for several years so that your investment is worth.

Different Sizes – The Black Diamond Distance Z Z-Poles come in various sizes (100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, and 130 cm). So, if you choose the size correctly depending on your height, you will face no issue with adjustability. Some people might consider folding trekking poles to be a minor disadvantage because of their adjustability, but these trekking offer different sizes minimizing this downside. Also, you need to sacrifice packability and weight to get adjustability.

Locking Mechanism – Their expertise in the avalanche program helped them to build the Speed Cone technology where you need to hold the grip and first shaft section to pull them. This process locks the joints after the shaft sections are guided into place similar to the Montem Ultra Z Folding Trekking Poles.

Packability – These trekking poles are designed to be providing the ultimate packability because of their three-section Z-Pole folding design with a coated inner cord.

Excellent Gripping – If your hands are slipping from the grip of the trekking poles, it makes them very risky to use. The grips of these trekking poles are made from EVA foam to provide a comfortable and non-slip grip.

Versatility on all Terrains – The carbide tech tips make them perfect for use on slippery or hard surfaces. The rubber tech tips make them ideal for surfaces with asphalt. So, you can use them on any surface to enjoy hiking.

Customer Reviews

These trekking poles have been rated an average of over 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by over 150 customers. This rating reflects the customers’ satisfaction overall. One of the customers was suffering from knee pains after hiking for several years. He purchased these trekking poles and were very much satisfied with their performance as they reduced the knee pains drastically.

Another customer commented that he gave these trekking poles to his wife and never got them back because of their excellent performance. So, he had to buy a separate pair for himself. They provided massive confidence in the muddy areas and were extremely easy to adjust with unique locking mechanism. He also commented on the excellent grips which were very comfortable and had no blisters even after hiking in hot and humid conditions for 8 hours. The padded straps reduced stress on wrists making the hiking experience wonderful.

There was another customer who said to have met with a motorcycle accident and broke his leg. Being 290 pounds in weight and height of 6 feet 2 inches, he trusted on the brand, Black Diamond Equipment and bought these trekking poles which served him brilliantly by not hurting his knees when he went hiking again in Missouri.


Experienced hikers from all around the world who have purchased these trekking have highly recommended their purchase. They are worth your consideration if you are looking to buy quality trekking poles with great features at an affordable price. When you for hiking, you are entirely dependent on the hiking gears, and without proper trekking poles, the experience can be tiresome and also risky on certain terrains.

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