AGPtEK Telescoping Folding Trekking Poles Review

Trekking has become a kind of get away for people nowadays. People are getting increasingly adventurous day by day, and are always ready to try their hand at activities that are new and thrilling. If you go on any major or smaller treks, you will observe trekkers using trekking poles or walking sticks, which are specially designed for these purposes. A few years ago hikers were not aware of the existence of trekking poles but now with increased use of these products, the attitude of people towards trekking poles have changed, and they tend to show quite an in the purchase of such trekking equipment.

Even the sales figure shows that there is an increase in the use of trekking poles over a past few years. It is not just about sales; many regular trekkers and hikers claim that trekking poles plenty of benefits that can’t be overlooked at any cost. If you are fond of trekking and haven’t tried trekking poles, then it will be a worthwhile idea to add these to your gear list to make the entire experience more enriching.

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About AGPtEK

AGPtEK 2 PCS Telescoping [Folding Trekking] Poles are offering a two-piece telescopic folding trekking pole that provides a comfortable grip in the hand. It has foam extension, which makes it easier to get a lower grip for the trekker when required. The wrist straps which are given are relatively broad for comfort, and they are also adjustable. They are flexible and ultra-light, making these hiking sticks ideal to be used by backpackers and travelers to improve their balance and speed while having a steady support.

They also provide trekkers stability and endurance in order to maintain their physical condition, which helps one to reach their destination and not give up in between. The product is lightweight, weighing just 1.5 pounds and the package includes two trekking poles in it. Due to its light weight, these trekking poles are easy to manage.


  • The product is durable as it is made up of aluminum which gives it core strength and makes it weigh lesser in comparison.
  • It is adjustable and can be expanded from 27” to 54” very easily.
  • It comes with an internal anti-shock system thus helps to absorb the vibration.
  • The trekking poles provide plastic handle grip making it more user-friendly for the trekkers.


Durable and Light Weight: These trekking poles are made up of aluminum like the Montem and Catskills Outdoor poles, which provide the highest strength. There are two kinds of material in which these poles come i.e. carbon fiber and aluminum. The ones which are made up of aluminum are more durable and last longer as compared to the copper ones. This item has an added advantage that they come with the frosted effect.

Adjustable: The trekking poles provide ample flexibility. They come with an easy twist lock system which is easy to use. The length of the product is adjustable as per the convenience of the user. It can be expanded from 27” to 54” i.e. 67 cm to 135 cm providing secure support and flexibility to the trekker as per their comfort zone.

Internal Anti-shock System: The internal anti-shock facility helps to absorb the vibration and reduces the direct pressure on various body parts. It helps to minimize approximately 25% of weight from the muscles, ligaments, and joint. It is a major benefit of this particular pair of trekking sticks.

Non-Slip Grip: The pair of trekking poles comes with ergonomic plastic handle grip that provides maximum non-slip, comfortable handhold, which helps the trekker to keep the balance on the uneven terrain. There is an extended non-slip foam grip as well for further safety and comfort.

Customer Reviews

People have been quite appreciative about the product on Over 50 people have reviewed the product with an average rating of 3.7/5 stars. The product is good on an average with some minor glitches that can be taken care of if used in the right way.

One of the customers have said that it helped her to walk for more than 15 miles whereas without these trekking poles it would’ve been impossible for her to complete the journey. She appreciated the adjustment of the wrist and hand strap which was provided. Her husband and the lady used it interchangeably, even though there was a vast difference in their height and weight, but both of them were comfortable as it was easy to adjust with and they did not have any fear of it breaking or bending at any point in time. She seemed to be perfectly happy with the product in the given range and her experience with this pair of trekking sticks.

There have been a few customer reviews where they complained about the AGPtEK 2 PCS Telescoping [Folding Trekking] Poles to be a bit heavy to carry during long journeys. They added that they wouldn’t mind taking these for shorter treks as they are helpful, but for longer treks, they would not recommend these. The customer also added that the pair has provided him steady balance during his 3-day backpacking trip, and he doesn’t regret spending the given amount of money on the pair and keep it in his closet for short trekking tours.

There are some such reviews which you can consider and count on before buying the product. They will tell you both the advantages and disadvantages of the pair of trekking sticks without any biased viewpoint.


Overall the product is good in the given range and ideal for people of all age groups and sizes. It is a good choice for short trekking trips, but one has to give it some thought it for taking it to longer journeys as it is made of aluminum which tends to make the weight of it a little more than regular trekking sticks. The AGPtEK 2 PCS Telescoping Folding Trekking Poles gives you almost everything that is required to complete your trek and your destination with less exhaustion and pain. You can buy this product from Amazon and find some genuine reviews from the customers to help you decide its value.

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